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Dream Home Company

Our philosophy is to give the best service to every single customer.

What do we mean by best service?

We believe that if 1% of our customers are unsatisfied with our work, then we have failed to live up to our philosophy.

Many people have a passion, and so do we. Our ruling passion is to create living spaces.

This means that we love to build and create spaces for the future….

We believe that if somebody run building services only to make money that company already failed just they don’t know yet..




The Best or Nothing....




Log cabins/House extensions

Our aim was to create an aesthetic, high quality and versatile yet simple product which can be tailored to your individual needs.

Our residential log cabins (both freestanding and as a house extension) are made of prefabricated units, therefore the installation is fast and can be completed within a few days from the day of the delivery. All comply with UK regulations but are based on European standards, i.e. colder winters and warmer summers.

Materials /production carefully researched before settling on our current suppliers to provide you with the highest standards at an affordable price (we didn’t want to say ‘CHEAP’ but really our prices are extremely competitive!).

Our excellent services and products guarantee your happiness.


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